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domingo, 1 de julio de 2012

ORANGE GOBLIN – “Acid Trial” (Nuevo Video)

ORANGE GOBLIN – “Acid Trial” (Nuevo Video) 

Los Stoners Británicos ORANGE GOBLIN están de regreso con un nuevo vídeo: la canción “Acid Trial”, que pertenece a su más reciente larga duración “A Eulogy ForThe Damned”.

Acid Trial es la canción más potente del disco, melodías de guitarra que bien semejan a ese viaje en ácido al que hacen referencia los Goblin en su canción.

Género: Heavy / Doom Metal/Stoner.
Procedencia: Inglaterra
Tomado del álbum: “A Eulogy For The Damned” (02/2012)
Facebook: Orange Goblin 


Acid Trial

Orange Goblin

Sexy good shit levitation
Eyes wide fascination
Cold blood .. back room
What is going smoking .. enough
Lock you the devil inside
Reach out fanatics are losing their minds
No one believe what is falling behind
Farther to the east .. falling in life for medication
Drug addicted .. vacuum in the bathroom
Is calling .. turn it to snow
Breading to stop we need your life
To the very last drop
Crossing to the pain as it cuts to the bone
Talking to someone .. to the floor
Got no mind is giving me more
Cross come and go but they dont know my name
Always the same .. how does it feel
Stand for your life, nothing is real
Nothing is real
Nothing is real
Nothing is real
Nothing is real
Nothing is real
Nothing is real
Nothing is real
Nothing is real
Nothing is real.

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